Hiroki tsukuda

at capitain petzel

March 9 - April 13th, 2019

Tue-Sat 11-18h


Capitain Petzel is pleased to announce 199X Storm Garden, an exhibition by Tokyo based artist Hiroki Tsukuda. It features an installation composed of objects found on-site, paintings, and a new series of multilayered pieces in which works on paper are imbricated with acrylic frames silkscreened with symbolic geometric patterns.

Not unfamiliar with Berlin, Tsukuda lived here for a short while and has been exhibited a few times around the city. In 2011 he hooked up with Lodown for issue 78 to talk about his art and how the recent earthquakes in Japan had led him to a new, political voice in his work. 

Tsukuda’s pieces are accompanied this time around by those of two other Japanese artists, Hiroko Yamaji and Moe Matsuhashi. Although they produce very different art amongst themselves, the arrangement at Capitain Petzel allow us an insightful look into what the Japanese art scene is currently offering the world.