It’s a love thing

Mark Oblow, Charles Collet & VHS Crew

The Art Area of Bright XXV – July 4—6, 2017 will host a very special and exclusive show this very summer, as RVCA - or two of the brand’s celebrated advocates, to be precise - are about to turn the area into the RVCA ART ROOM. Aptly titled “It’s A Love Thing“, this show features the renowned b/w photography of creative genius Mark Oblow, which is accompanied by the free-floating artwork of Charles Collet and held together by an installation of the enigmatic VHS Crew. If you’re in need of a group hug and won’t mind some art to mingle in the mix   - don’t look any further. 

From July 4 to 6 at @brighttradeshow – Berlin

Meet the artists & share a beer with us July 4, 4PM

Born and raised on Oahu, Hawaii and relocated to California in the 90s, Mark Oblow’s first photo ads were published in Thrasher Magazine when he was still in the 9th grade - so, yeah, it’s a safe bet to state that his influence on skateboarding culture as we know it is a rather prominent one. The last twenty years saw him to be an integral part of shaping the identity of youth culture with his unique sense for photography, design and artwork. A fact that his countless features in various publications and books, solo- and group shows and his very own lifestyle brand MOBLOW easily underlines.

To call Grenoble-born skateboarding talent Charles Collet an urban nomad doesn’t quite nail it, really. He simply loves to travel. And as long as there’s a couch to crush, a spot to shred, a tune to play, a friend to talk to and a party to visit, it actually doesn’t matter too much which town he’ll call his temporary home next. And this curiosity and passion for unknown paths surely reflects through his unique artwork as well.

The enigmatic VHS CREW is a single-handed collective deriving from the lesser known branches of 80s surf culture, a surrogate of free will manifested on videotapes which are a long time lost. Their work brings back the vibe that has been killed by blind consumerism, plastic bottles and the bombs of the Bush administration. Their noble aim is to save your fucking soul - and yours, too. They have no website, no Facebook and you can’t google them.


@rvca and @lodownmag proudly present ‘It’s a love thing’ - 
An art show by and in presence of advocates @markoblow and @charlescollet supported by the #vhscrew -