comercial chucks break

LA is a city full of people from other places. With millions of people flocking to the West Coast capital to pursue their desires, sometimes it feels like no one’s ever really from there. While locals, born and raised, are hard to find they do exist and Vince Staples is definitely one of them.

Having grown up in North Long Beach and still basing his career out of LA Vince is an expert on the real Los Angeles. That’s why Converse enlisted him for this short documentary. In this video he’s joined by the Lakers’ Jordan Clarkson and BornxRaised founder Spanto to dissect what LA style is and how it came to be.

This is the second video in the ‘Forever Chucks’ series produced by Converse. The series explores the core cultural scenes that made the Chuck Taylor iconic, with the rest of the series coming over the next month.