LDWN Podcast 02

Stefan Marx

Welcome to the second episode of Lodown Magazine’s very own program “The Lodown Chronicles - Meet Your Maker“ - a new series that puts the well-deserved spotlight on people that essentially helped to shape the ever-evolving pop cultural universe as we know it. In true Lodown-fashion, the illustrious circle of international guests won’t be put together from one specific spectrum only but is assembled from the many pieces the bigger picture is manufactured from: contemporary art, skateboarding, music, fashion, film, graphic design, illustration - and everything in-between.

The second episode of Lodown’s podcast series puts the well-deserved spotlight on celebrated artist Stefan Marx, who isn’t only known for his work in the fields of type works, skateboarding, clubland, ceramics and fashion, but who’s having more than just a soft spot for all things aeronautics as well.

Stefan's latest book titled “Schriftbilder / Type Works“ was just released via Hatje Cantz.

The new episode is available on Spotify and via Soundcloud.


Shout out BIG time to Felix Schmidt and Tobias Lienig for their enthusiasm and supporting us with their technical finesse.