monday mixtape: DJ Kid Silly

The Universe of Juki P2

This weird year is coming to an end, xmas is just right around the corner. People need to cheer themselves up a bit, they need to sing, sing along. And since we’re rarely having voice-driven mixes on our page we thought this one might be good for some of you.

Kid Silly has been a permanent fixture on the Bern club scene for a good 10 years now. And he is part of JUKI P2, a new audio-visual Project having just released the first single "Eternal Love" on Promote Love Records. His gigs are always vivid and varied, the sets remain fresh and cover a wide spectrum of the electronic music scene - without being unfaithful to the dancing mother of 4/4 time, the house. With "Doghouse", Kid Silly has created his own party label, which regularly takes place in the "Turnhalle" and the "ISC" in Bern. As his special trademark he combines his sound with self-created visuals. Kid Silly is also busy in the studio: his remixes have given bands like Jeans for Jesus, TRUE, Swatka City, The Lugubrious and We Love Machines the ultimate Kid Silly touch.

Here's the single "Juki P2 - Eternal Love"

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Fotos by Laura Kaufmann