macht natur

uncanny GMOs & nature

It's time to nerd out with some art, bees and worms. STATE Studio's current exhibition, MACHT NATUR, is presenting three years of qualitative research from workshops done in research project "Farming the Uncanny Valley". In simpler terms, the project's titular focus was to figure out what social-politics lie under our hesitation, resistance, and creepy-crawly, "uncanny" feelings about technological advancement in our food sources?

STATE has put together an artistic recreation of the workshops so you can follow the participants' journey and develop one yourself to find where your priorities lie on the bio-economy pyramid.

These questions have never been more relevant if we're hoping wild salmon and petting a polar bear won't be restricted to the ultra wealthy in the next couple of years. (Yes, that means it's family friendly. But no responsibility will be taken if your kid still likes grabbing some handfuls of dirt to eat.)

Tours are in English if German isn't your thing: here

Showing from 13.08.2020 to 12.09.2020.