"Sacred Diamonds"

It’s already some years since Basso did a mix for us. We could definetely need a subscription to get one each year as he never disappoints. This fella from Hamburg probably doesn’t need an introduction for anyone who’s digging a little deeper, wandering off path and go for the unexpected, unconventional and/ or search for long lost, rare and/ or never unearthed stuff. His outpost, Growing Bin Records, delivers all those goodies for the vinyl junkie, while his label by the same name is constantly surprising and releasing precioius material such as Wolf Müller & Niklas Wandt’s „Instrumentalmusik Von Der Mitte Der World“ (whose remix EP is coming up in early 2020), which was one of the best albums of 2018 for us, Eleventeen Eston, Shy Layers, James Booth, Bartosz Kruczyński, Trance (great remix by Optimo's J.D. Twitch just came out) or Cass. & Gianni Brezzo. Every once in a while when he’s getting new deliveries from a mysterious source in a parallel universe to stock up in his shelves, he’s crafting mixes out of it. In one sleepless night last week he made three new ones, so we pulled him over on his way home and grabbed one of them. So glad we did.

„The desire to make mixes again is intense. There’s so many sick records coming in and it's itching like scratchy. Last night I saw how many gems are left in the new arrivals boxes and before adding them to the shelf I decided to make a mix with them. The most time consuming part of making mixes for me is picking the tracks. A limited amount of records to chose from helps a lot and so I managed to make three mixes in one night. Joy of cooking style. My kids woke me at 5:30 in the morning but I felt good nevertheless.“ 






Beyond Sound - Journey To The Source

Anna Själv Tredje - Tusen Ar Sju Timmar

TOuCH - Gethsemane II

The Kohlibries - Heile Welt

ERA - Opening

Anselm Spring & Störer Bros - Felsengeist

Beyond Sound - Flying Bird

Mikael Lamgard & Gunnel Derning - Kundalini

Rare Band - Why (Space Version)

Kyoto - Venetian Blinds (Dub)

Gontiti - UT Greenwich Time

The Mao Tse Tung Experience - The Blues

Q - Rain


Here’s the new arrivals

Here's another great mix of that night

and here's Growing Bin on Facebook