Stefan Janoski

Identifiable but Not Easily Located

Stefan Janoski's Solo Exhibition at Circylar Gallery opens

8PM - 06.12.2019 - Schwartzkopffstrasse 2 in Berlin-Mitte

Alien abductions, surreal portraiture, and riffs on orthodox religious iconography: Informed by his unique way of viewing the world, Los Angeles- based artist and professional skateboarder Stefan Janoski is showcasing a selection of current oil paintings and hand-crafted bronze sculptures at CIRCYLAR Gallery. 

As the 40-year-old artist’s first solo exhibition in Germany, ‘Identifiable but Not Easily Located’ tackles themes of identity, iconography, mysticism, and representation – served with a signature sense of humor – from December 6th through January 31st, 2020

The abstract and the concrete, symbolic and literal, high-brow and mundane,sacred and profane, classic and futuristic all collide in a versatile showcase by one of skateboarding’s most revered virtuosos. Speaking on the exhibition title ‘Identifiable but Not Easily Located’, StefanJanoski offered:

“It can be taken in a lot of different ways. You can take it literally, mystically, scientifically, fantastically. But when you get down to it on a quantum level, nothing is separate from anything else. Everything is the same.”

Stefan Janoski first visited Berlin on a skateboard-related trip in 2010 and immediately felt connected to the city’s rich art culture: “I was very impressed with all the galleries and public displays of art in Berlin. Especially large-sized murals on buildings, which have now become a thing in the United States, but back then were already a common sight in this great art city.”