"I've Decided To Stop DJing Til I Can Again"

Do we really have to introduce Dreems a.k.a. Angus Gruzman? He’s one part of Die Orangen together with Kris Baha and one of the two masterminds behind Multi Culti along with long time friend Thomas Von Party. His discogs entry says „Cosmic Sherpa. Liberator of Tantric Avatars. Sonic Skipper. Australian. Dreems’ hypnotic reveries strain and pulse against the restrictive meta-thongs of contemporary lifestyle living to offer a pan-globo soulstyle for our times. His impression of psychedelia is expressive. And the expression on your face of the impression it leaves....impressive.“

Dreems has been our guest some years ago, but the impressing and steady ongoing quality of his releases and his musical taste made us want some more. So, here it is - in a true mixtape manner, almost unmixed - an hour of lovely tunes.

„Ironically I had already decided to take some time away from djing at the end of last year to align myself with the goings on at home. I felt the constant coming and going was creating deeper issues with my personal life, and although I will always be in love with Djing as an art form and the excitement it gives me being able to participate in this, it was time to hang up the gloves for a while… I’ve done it in the past and it was one of the best thingsI ever did to preserve my love of music. When your passion becomes your job, and your job starts to tire you, it is likely that you will grow tired of your passion. 

With that in mind i set about the task of finding a fulfilling role in this world for myself that didn’t necessarily revolve entirely around music. The mystical journey into the “real-world” as I have come to know it has been enlightening. I started as a baker’s apprentice (before the global lockdown). I then spent the following 3 months in the North of Scotland and moved onto gardening and forest path-maintenance on my cousin’s farm. I didn’t really look at my computer or phone much, and had the gratification of watching plants grow and Spring come to life.

I’ve been back in London now feeling refreshed and working on some projects. New Die Orangen music, a new ‘Dreemas’ release with Jono Ma, some remix action. It’s all stuff that feels right, and i have been doing myself the favour of clearing out the digital cupboard. Deleting never felt so good. 

Naturally - i still listen to music every day, and this mix represents a small slice of the music that has kept me company on those days when I’ve been going about my tasks.“



Make sure to check out Dreems’ alter ego outpost on soundcloud as Angelo Cruzman where he’s posting the - hands down - finest and most eclectic blend of timeless music you’ll find in the internet and head over to Bandcamp to buy his newest releases on Le Temps Perdu „Shark Water“ and a handful of great edits he did to help you over the summer.