"drifting memories"

Between Dario Argento’s Giallo aesthetics and Dickens’ dystopian tales, this is where Kendal evolves. Driven by a strong past, present and no future motto - where the flesh merges with the machine - his timeless productions blends italo with EBM & rave with synth-wave. Released in 2019 on David Vunk’s infamous Moustache Records, the ‘Manifesto’ EP and his cult italo dance banger ‘Ultimo’ was acclaimed by the italo disco scene and quickly found a home on dancefloors all around the world. For his second release he’s „super happy to join Jennifer Cardini on her label Dischi Autunno and to appear alongside artists who inspire me such as Curses or Dollkraut.“. „Inferno“ got released March 20th with four strictly club and dancefloor ready jams. „When I produce I try to focus on melodies and emotions by always wanting to give an irresistible desire to dance in a club (or even at home in this special period).“, he states. He’s a DJ for more than a decade and pretty tight with his local scene in Toulouse, France, and he just launched his own curated party series through the ‘Ritmo Fatale’ residencies.

We’re happy to have him with this wavey italo-infused mix that perfectly fits into our times, or as he says "This is memories fragments from Earth before it collapses listened by an alien drifting into space“.



Tracklist : 

Siriusmo - Ego

Kendal - Nostalgia

Glass Candy - Digital Versicolor

Parrish Smith - Mute

Samoa Park - Tubular Bells

RSF - Chez Konrad

Britney Spears - Heaven On Earth (Kendal edit)

4AM International - Space Operator

Pascal Viscardi - Lluvia De Verano (Paula Tape Remix)

Brassica - Ballo dei Morti

Molasar - Molasar

Body Of Light - Time To kill (Cooper Saver Remix)

Kendal - Interplanetary Music Service 

Art Fine - Dark Silence

The Problems - Moustache Italo Anthem

Dead Husband - Memory

Chinaski & Curses - Forever (Kendal remix)

DC Salas - Sentimental Overdrive

Lennart - ATEA

Time Moden - Memories Of Blue


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pic by Louis Derigon