One of the buzziest, British indie bands of 2019 sure was London-by-way-of-Brighton combo Squid. Their singles on Speedy Wunderground basically kickstarted the hype, and the quintet's furious live shows manifested their status as one to watch. In the end it didn't really come as a surprise that Squid is now signed to the mighty Warp.

“Sludge“ offers their first new music of 2020, and it gives the audience another clue of Squid's ever evolving sonic spectrum. The band is in a constant, energetic state of evolution which is reflected in the intense and infectious spectrum of sound contained in their propulsive songs.

“We’ve been playing “Sludge“ for a while so some of you might be familiar with it. It was kind of written about self-isolation before it was a government enforced lifestyle. We don’t really want to say much else about it, other than we hope you like it.“