monday mixtape: olsvangèr

Jerusalem's Sky Orchestra

Olsvangèr a.k.a. Blame Honey has been experimenting with music from a very young age. Not surprising, as music runs hard in his family blood line. Growing up in the colorful melting pot Jerusalem city - of which he says „I can say so many terrible things about it, but I fell in love and it's forever.“ - , got him taking in inspiration in all sorts of shades to eventually become a complex and culturally rich young man. This resulted in landing his first residency whilst being under age, only 17 years old, at the legendry Bass club in Jerusalem. Expectedly followed was a growing experimentation with music production, starting almost a decade ago. Naturally, this led to specialized education, first in piano and classical music and then synthesis and sound production.

His deep love for music combined with a great sense of curiosity created a broad and versatile personal taste. His groove dripping, sly and sassy productions invite the listener to get low and dirty in the darkness only to then lift them back with a cheeky twist. His sets tend to bring the edges to the front and create colorful and curvy experiences. 



After a bunch of releases on numerous dance floor labels he just started his own imprint called Tofistock with a lot of releases coming up soon, so you better keep an eye on him via:

pic by Noya Antman Ron