Nothing less

a slovenian skateflic

This is a short skateboard film by Kristijan Stramic, called Nothing less, a passion project. It was filmed on five different locations across Slovenia and features local skateboarders. The film starts with a street part, continues on the mini ramp in an abandoned factory and then transitions into a freestyle part. From there we go to the mountainside for a downhill session and wrap things up at a concrete DIY skatepark.

There’s the mainstream that fits in a societal box.
And then there’s a group of people who jump right out and create their own set of rules.
In this community, common social expectations and prejudice are erased. Here, the understanding of sheer freedom, of expression, is undeniable and impossible to ignore, impossible to diminish.
What connects them are those deeper roots of sometimes gentle rebelliousness, sometimes fierce power and innate joy but always—always—the community and the never ending thirst for freedom.
Connection found even in moments of complete solitude, without unnecessary words spoken or glances shared.
Sometimes the only conversation—the only explanation—needed is the noise of rubber and wood on pavement.
Nothing else. Nothing less.


Instagram: @kristijanstramic