transmediale 2020

28 Jan – 01 Mar, Berlin


On 28 January, transmediale 2020 End to End will be opened at Haus der Kulturen der Welt. The 33rd and last edition under the artistic direction of Kristoffer Gansing aims at a broad reevaluation of networks and their limits through the month-long group exhibition The Eternal Network at HKW as well as through other program parts like the End to End Symposium at Volksbühne Berlin and the CTM & transmediale Night at Berghain. More.

The evening starts with the opening of The Eternal Network at 19:00, a group exhibition about the persistence of networks, with a focus on their potentials and limits in response to current social and technological changes.

At the same time as well as at 20:00 and 22:00 Keiken present their gamified performance Feel My Metaverse: Behind this Screen I Am on the Real Earth, an extension of their exhibition installation. The piece speculates on a post-climate disaster world in which humans escape into a metaverse of virtual worlds, shown through the daily lives of three characters. A live interactive virtual world will be generated, with a performer appearing in both physical and virtual space.

At 20:00 a live-chat performance by Blank & Jeron supported by Sakrowski follows. It is based on the pioneering internet chat project Clubnetz, which took place in Berlin’s art and techno scenes of the 1990s. From 1994 on, Clubnetz was hosted by legendary clubs and bars like Frisör and WMF, where it manifested itself through hardware terminals allowing visitors to connect not only to each other, but also to the internet as such. Using a recently developed app, visitors to the exhibition-opening can participate in this laser-projected re-imagining of Clubnetz.

One hour later an artist talk with Ursula Biemann, Ruini Shi, and Solveig Suess, moderated by film and video curator Florian Wüst, takes place. The talk features the film makers of the looped short film program Geographies of Relation which is continuously shown as part of the exhibition. Throughout the whole opening night, a full program of DJ, live and A/V sets will be presented in the foyer of HKW featuring Lou Drago (Transience), GIL (Danse Noir), Space Afrika (Sferic/NTS), Ace of Diamonds/AUCO (No Shade Collective), and Meuko! Meuko!.

At 22:30 the Taipei-based musician Meuko! Meuko! presents an A/V live set of her well-received album Ghost Island that extends that album’s dystopian soundscapes with the visuals of NAXS corp. featuring dense urban VR environments haunted by abandoned statues, floating ruins, stray dogs, and hieroglyphics. As the music traverses the anti-utopian ruins of Ghost Island and a cyber dreamscape, you may find that this is not a fantasy or a fable, but the mythological post-digital reality in which we all live.


Ursula Biemann
Acoustic Ocean

Blank & Jeron supported by Sakrowski
Clubnetz AR

Tega Brain, Julian Oliver, Bengt Sjölén

Johanna Bruckner
Molecular Sex

Guo Cheng
The Net Wanderer – a Tour of Suspended Handshakes

Contemporary And (C&)
C& Center of Unfinished Business

Louise Drulhe
Critical Atlas of the Internet

Kyriaki Goni
Networks of Trust

Darsha Hewitt
100 Year Old Quicksilver Cloud

Keiken, George Jasper Stone
Feel My Metaverse

Olia Lialina

Aay Liparoto with HOT BODIES - CHOIR
no bodies welcome I all bodies welcome

Robert Luxemburg
The Man with the Personal Computer

Bahar Noorizadeh
After Scarcity

Luiza Prado de O. Martins
For Those Who Stand at Shorelines

Ruini Shi
Desire Line

Timur Si-Qin
A New Protocol VR (v 1.2)

Solveig Suess
AAA Cargo

Jelena Viskovic

Tobias Williams
Magi System

convex tv.
Revision: convex tv.

David Garcia, Eric Kluitenberg
Revision: The Next 5 Minutes - a Political Poetics for the Media Age

David Gauthier
Revision: List Server Busy. Full Digest Rescheduled.

Alessandro Ludovico
Revision: Neural 25+1, Critical Publishing and Archiving

The Pervasive Labour Union zine
Revision: Issue #13: "Fed Up!"

Revision: Piratbyrеn (2003–2009)

Mindy Seu
Revision: Cyberfeminism Catalog 1990–2020 

transmediale is a project by transmediale e.V. and Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH at Haus der Kulturen der Welt. The festival has been funded as a cultural institution of excellence by Kulturstiftung des Bundes since 2004.