marok at beinghunted

Born in 1972 in Berlin, Thomas Marecki began his creative career in the early nineties. At that time, he also started doing graffiti, adopting the pseudonym "Marok" which he kept as a trademark moniker for his later projects. His interest in design, typography, and layout began to grow immensely, and in 1994 he created the first graffiti font for Desktop Publishing distributed by Erik Spiekermann’s FontShop. Not surprisingly, each issue of Lodown Magazine, a long-running independent publication he initiated in 1995 already, featured a unique layout and font. Lodown, the original landscape format magazine, ran for 100 episodes until 2016 and featured primarily articles on popular culture viewed through a non-conformist lens. To this day, he continues publishing Lodown internationally, now a monothematic and enigmatic operation.

In addition to his work as publisher and creative director of Lodown Magazine, Marecki is working on his personal art projects. One of his ventures is entitled "Traphic", for which he fuses visuals and texts around the subjects ‘Traffic’ and ‘Graphics’. It represents the natural and necessary conclusion of his linguistic and artistic investigations, as well as his fascination with mobility. This led to "Garage Grit", a show he curated for MU Eindhoven, which featured various artists and their positions and ideas on vehicles and transportation, on information and traffic, on self-induced technology, and on documented artistic activism against the odds - forerunning industrial adaptation. For Thomas Marecki, creativity is connected to the idea of walking paths no one has walked before while investigating new and unknown fields. His art has been included in exhibitions throughout the world.

Now it seems to be just the right time to show a small selection of his works, ranging from 1998 - 2023, at Berlin's Beinghunted Gallery. Classics, as well as some new works, were produced exclusively for this show.

Runs on Gallery Weekend. 28.-30.April

Opening* 28.April 6-9 PM

Being Hunted Gallery, Wallstrasse 4., 10179