FUTURE/MEMORY is pleased to present AT THE MIRROR I WAVE WAITING FOR ANY REACTION, an exhibition by SuperBlast.

A celebration of individual decisions in context to the social conciousness, in times of anxiety.

A study of self-reflection in times of isolation and high pitch media frenzy. The newest series of acrylic with oilstick paintings were created during these uncertain pandemic times, from 2020 until today. The artworks reflect the anxiety of this global emotional rollercoaster. As instability in society has always been a driving force for personal introspection and nurtured artistic ways to cope with the current situation.

SuperBlast describes the paintings as: “It´s a study of selfportraits, through a broken mirror, with the eyes closed”.

A project by FUTURE/MEMORY
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Opening: April 27, 6–9 pm
Exhibition: April 28-30, 12–6 pm

Made possible by KMB