shy layers

mellow pop vocoder dreams

Our friend Basso from Hamburg, mastermind behind Growing Bin Records (and the self named online store for the lovers of long lost sought-after vinyl), supplied us with something he calls „probably the most mainstream album I’ve released on my label“: Shy Layers. Even though „mainstream“ might not be an appealing term we think he’s somewhat right - you simply can’t resist the pure bliss of this record as it’s the perfect substitute for a missing summer (we’re talking about middle Europe here). And if it might come back, it’s the perfect companion for it.

Ten beautifully crafted mellow pop serenades by JD Walsh from New York floating easily through air like this video to „Stabilized Waves“, effortlessly knitting vocoder dreams with a fluid bass and gentle guitars that remind us of the levity of old The Sea And Cake material. We’re fans and need our dose of it a couple of times a week.



After a long odyssey from the pressing plant to Growin Bin it finally should be available now, so, well, we don’t wanna talk you into things, but just highly recommend to place your order today and fall in love as we did.