Rostarr x Diesel x Fossil

“Harness like minded free spirits to create products that draw the line between pragmatic & fashion forward.” 

Diesel Watch celebrated the European launch of Diesel ALRITE last week in Berlin. The 4D mapping installation onto the façade of Elisabethkirche were focussing on the calligraphic print of the edition, while the tailored set-up inside the old church was leading guests through the journey of this art project. Multi-disciplinary designer Romon Yang aka Rostarr exclusively painted a 150 square meter canvas with the characteristic calligraphic pattern for the ALRITE project.

Each Limited Edition Watch is completely unique and different from any of the other 555 pieces created. Cut from the artwork and hand-wrapped into genuine leather, the one of a kind watch by Diesel & Fossil represents quality and exclusivity.

“I saw Romon working in his studio and liked the way he is engaged and really getting his hands dirty. It was impressing how meticulous and precise he is.“ - Andrea Rosso, Creative Director of Diesel Licenses

Diesel ALRITE teams up with Sotheby’s to reinforce the message of not only bringing art back to everyone’s home but also to do good. Three Limited Edition watches (shown on the left) are auctioned via ebay for charity in collaboration with Sotheby’s. Be quick the auction are ending on the 11th of December 2016. The collected funds will be donated to Only The Brave Foundation, Diesel’s OTB parent company’s no-profit organization fighting social inequality and working on sustainable development across the world.

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