a different kind of skateboard doc

From the New York minds of Raul Buitrago and Henry Hung, on March 16th be prepared for the launch of the experimental documentary Gnarleans

Through the haze of weed smoke and the rattle of skateboard wheels, Jazz, Jared, and Troy guide us down the gritty back streets of New Orleans. We follow these young men on endless nights, from parking garages to rooftops. Fellow skaters emerge from the shadows to join the pack, and strangers approach curious by the commotion. As nights and days blend together, they connect with family, friends, and strangers alike for brief moments - a type of fearless connectivity that can be found in New Orleans. Gnarleans is a glimpse inside the culture of youth and the city they live in, brought together by skateboarding.

The film is set to release on March 16th, 2019.