janoski x nike

10th Anniversary

Look at Stefan Janoski with his effortless skating and insane switch skills, and his ever-growing immersion into the arts - going from painting to bronze sculptures and back, having openings all over the world - he silently mocks the gods… Jesus, the dude even plays some decent music!

And as his successful collab with Nike continues to grow, Nike SB celebrated this past March 10 Years of Janoski by unveiling the remastered executions of the OG Janoski in Paris. In what is a sure contender for shoe of the year award, the Janoski Remastered takes the OG Janoski and makes it even better by reminding us that board feel will always reign supreme.


At this point, the Zoom Janoski’s are such an indelible staple of skateboard culture, that people even forget where they came from:

A lot of people who wear it don’t know I’m a person, and they call it the “Janowski”, even though on their shoe is says “Janoski”. People post photos of my shoe and then say “I love my Janowski’s!,” so I like to joke that my shoe is Janowski and I am Janoski.

So if you want a more comprehensive look into the skateboarder’s life and times, check out our interview in Lodown’s WTF issue later this month.