Set for the sun

a StudioTrouble™ showcase

April 12 - 13th, 2019

Opening night: Thursday, April 11th, 18-21h

StudioTrouble™ is very happy to present this group of artists at Lobe Block in Berlin-Wedding, gathering in a pop-up group show for three days. In a short amount of time StudioTrouble™ put together a number of international and local artists working in the fields of painting, sculpture, interventions in public space, photography, or film. 

The spot for the exhibition could hardly be more progressive, in keeping with the works – a house planned by the architect Arno Brandlhuber and Muck Petzet.

Jenne Grabowski - a photographer, art designer, and curator - organized Set for the Sun with a focus on the inventive and creative. Keeping up with StudioTrouble™’s motto, the exhibition is all about bridging the calm and the storm in a sustainable setting open for innovation and experimentation of all degrees.


11. April 2019, 18–21 h

Friday, 12. April, 13-19 h
Saturday, 13. April, 12-19 h 
Lobe Block
Böttgerstr. 16, 4. OG


Brad Downey
Brian Lotti
Clemens Behr
Christian August
Daniel Rich
Jeroen Erosie 
Michael Bennett
Pablo Tomek
Sebastian Haslauer
Sascha Missfeldt
Stefan Marx
Sergej Vutuc
Tessa Perutz 

© Sebastian Haslauer 2019 / StudioTrouble™
© Michael Bennett 2019 / StudioTrouble™
© Tessa Perutz 2018