Egopusher are the truth! Their music doesn’t sound like it’s trying to be anything but a direct conduit for pure, unfiltered emotion. And, although, they are clearly reaching for something epic and hyper-cinematic, it somehow feels downright natural and justified. Every time I listened to Blood Red (their debut record), whether it was on headphones or when I saw them playing live at an intimate family type gathering, here, in Berlin, I got this feeling of unbound freedom. It sora that made me think of flying. You know that feeling of weightlessness that you get in a dream? THAT! It’s a beautiful thing when a record can offer this type of escape, especially on a day when it feels like the city is crushing you in its brick and mortar grip. 

On that note, we would like to present you with this stunning, new video for the song Flake. The piece was directed by Benjamin Muzzin. Or maybe it would make more sense to say that this man done created this magical universe that you are about to experience. Psssst! BTW. we were the first to get this one! Long live Egopusher!