monticule festival

fifth-anniversary line up announced

Since the people at Monticule Festival share the same taste in music with us - almost half of their performing artists already had been in our Monday Mixtape section (such as Asaf Samuel & Katzele, Sascha Funke, Fantastic Twins, Manfredas, Wolf Müller & Niklas Wandt, Curses, Fog Puma) - and since we heard a lot of good things about it over the last years from visitors AND artists, about the amazing setting, the lovely crowd, the overall satisfaction, we felt we had to give you our official go to plan you trip to visit this year’s happening in the south of France.

Line up is officially set and tickets are available. Join the family.

"I generally don't like festivals, as you spend time walking from one tuna can to another and generally see the same acts. I've been playing Monticule for 3 years and it remains among my best experiences as a DJ, with such a receptive crowd.  The team, the amazing location, the fact that it's a human-sized event and that everything is built on the spot, crafted in the best way. And then there's the sound, brought from Munich, it's just exceptional which for a DJ is the most important.  And finally, the lineup has always something different to offer compared to the rest. All of this makes Monticule one of my fave festivals (on the 4 that I like)" Gilb'R [Versatile Records]

"Hug a tree, even if it's for the first time. Liberate yourself from the awful of evils, embrace musical wilderness while staying calm and surrounded by friends and kindred spirits. It might be the most serene festivals around. Monticule" Khidja [Malka Tuti]