a video series by David Bertschinger Karg

Nixon’s Art Mosh, a global art and music project featuring original works by Nixon artists, team riders and friends, is gearing up to release the latest instalment of the Nixon Art Mosh Initiatives. For the occasion, snowboarder and filmmaker David Bertschinger Karg is blending his two passions in order to launch a series of short films entitled “What I See”. Those four mini-episodes show an unusual side of the snowboarding world captured in different locations such as Moscow, Bardenas Reales, Seattle and Alaska.

Snowboarding is much more than style, attitude, and brotherhood, as it mainly is a quest for freedom; it’s about escaping the city, and finding new spots - places that you would probably never come across if it wasn’t for snowboarding. You also get to know different people with a very different lifestyle - nothing like the one you are used to – crazy ones that you couldn’t believe they exist. The “What I See” series shows that, as it takes the viewer on a visually and sonically artistic journey that truly delight the senses.

A new episode will be released every two weeks from mid-July onwards. Stay tuned!